2WD 1100 Watt Electric Bicycle

This is my daily driver ebike.

I built it using two small 350 W geared motors that I overvolted to 52V. Each motor has its own 18A controller. Both controllers are connected to a single 52V 20Ah battery that I store in my EM3EV triangle frame bag. I use a CAV3 to allow me to use 1 throttle to drive both controllers and motors, and I usually limit the total current to around 23A, for a total of about 1100 watts of power.

This bike is great for driving around the city, especially since big direct drive hub motors above 250 W are illegal where I live, so this bike still gets me big power but with small looking motors that don’t stand out.

Here’s a video showing how I made the ebike connections:

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custom electric motorcycle build design

Custom Electric Motorcycle build by Shan Roy

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