Delfast Bike’s Anti-Theft System

Delfast bikes are relatively expensive, there’s no way around it. When you’re getting an electric bike worth about $5000 – one of your primary concerns is its security. And that’s exactly what we focus on.

Delfast Top Priority

Realizing this, Delfast has packed its bikes with security features. One of them is the immobilizer.

When your bike is locked and someone tries to move it, apart from the really loud alarm, the rear wheel will be ‘locked’ and not move. This will make it impossible to ride the bike unless you unlock it.

Live GPS tracking

Another element of our bike security is the ability to track the location of your bike at any time. With an app installed on your mobile phone, you can track the various KPIs of your bike, like the battery cycles and charge, max speed, etc. But probably the most useful tool here is the live location of the vehicle.

We’ve had customers and our own employees retrieve stolen the bikes simply by tracking them down. If you live in a big city, the chances are that the policy will not consider a stolen bike as their top priority. And the first couple of hours or days are critical to getting your bike back intact. That’s why using our live GPS is such an important tool for bike security.

Choose Wisely

Getting an ebike is a serious and often expensive decision. Before purchasing yours, make sure that the manufacturer takes the security of its product seriously. If your bike doesn’t have an engine immobilizer, smart locks, alarms or GPS tracking – it will become a target for bike thieves that had quickly figured out the cost of such bikes.

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Written by Dima Buhanevyc

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