eFatbike getting Traction

eFatbike getting Traction

eFatbike getting Traction

eFatbike getting traction

by Sylvain Lupien ,

I did a Tour in 2016 across Canada from Montreal to Vancouver and  across West coast , USA from Seattle to Los Angeles  in search of the perfect Fatbike. I  drove for 30 consecutive  days , took pics , videos , doing research and lots of media gathering. But, that is not the story.

We first purchased in Sept. 2016 the eFatbike RadRover  based in Seattle , USA.  I bought the bike on sight ,a start up company in Seattle , in stock and it took around 2 hours to be off and running on the streets.Rad Power Bikes , unknown at this time with connection in Germany ,offered the lowest price on eFatbike across America at $1499usd. Differential motor on the backwheel and controller in position on the center frame seems easy to build. Well… most parts from abroad and assembled in USA.

Then in Nov.2016 , we purchased another eFatbike. This time in Montreal , Canada in our own backward. The IGO Mid Drive engineering from Germany , 750w with more quality components and aftermarket products reputable on the high end . We decided to stick to aluminum at $3000usd since the Carbon Model was $5000.usd . Consequently , both models were customized to the client needs.Resetting the manufacturer little computer cell will give you a max speed of 40km/hr.

Today, one year later, the kinetics of the eFatbike has doubled from the range of  750w to 1500 mid drive lightweight engineering. The max speed of 40km/hr seems long gone with 60-70 km/hr in the forecast with good grips on large 4.0- 5.0 wide tires. Remember , this is still a Bicycle. Our projection in Canada for that matter is that all Electric Bicycles will have to carry a Plate by 2020 since they are becoming too fast. Autorities have difficulties distinguishing , a gas bike from an Electric bike since they are becoming much alike in shape or form . The Fatbike Electric with those huge tires are in vogue and flying across any fields.

After several tests of endurance forcing the max speed and durability , we came to a conclusion that mountains are still a tough call on eFatbike , causing at one point an arrest of traction. The gear handling will shut down and break the circuit voltage due to lack of force engagement . A wide range of speed  can be obtained on the Flat by resetting the controller without restriction from the manufacturer. Many will think that it is an easy way to ride , but in our case, we like to use it as a challenge for speed and also a reward on the way back from a long journey.

The eFatbike is getting more popular and traction has crossed into the eCruiser Fatbike section of it , as we see more and more being sold for leasure purposes.There is no doubt in my mind that the Electric Bike will absolutely dominate the future movement for years to come on the road and off the road.

Go green planet  ! Go eFatbike !

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Written by Sylvain Lupien


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