How i built Tesla branded ebike from old Scott voltage frame

I turned an old Scott bike into a Tesla bike.
I know Tesla haven’t made a bike yet, this is just my vision.
Seeing Tesla new Cybertruck car and my old Scott bike, I knew, this is it.
The drive is a 250w electric motor with a 48v 17ah battery and a regulator
for a 1000w electric motor.
I made a mix of parts from everything I had.
Still, the speed is very good, 30 mph on a flat surface, i  have 230 pounds and the bike pulls me very well at 8% uphill.
The battery lasts a very long time because the engine is of lower capacity.
It amazed me that the engine is not warming up at all even though its purpose is to operate at 32 volts.
Battery regulator and wiring are below the carbon panel imitation with the Tesla logo.
The orange triangle on panel illuminates at night, inside there is a parallel soldered 4x 12v led strips.

Photo No 1: The Original Bike (2008)

Photo No 2: Remodeled bike.(2015)

Photo No 3, 4, 5, frame modification. (2020)

Photo No 6, 7, 8. Finished product. (2020)

Photo No 9, Night ilumination.

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