Liquid cooled Beast from ZBIKE

There was no one holding me, there were no training wheels and no one to catch me if I fall. I was riding alone and I felt so free. Felt free like never before. The experience was almost indescribable, gravity faded, melted away. It was one of those rare moments when you can clearly feel technology lifting you up to another level, extending your capabilities and igniting your imagination. That was what freedom meant to me before an electric bike manifested.

Electric bike, Really. But why? Just try it, the e-bike guy said- and I did.

Flashbacks went on and on through my mind, combining my existing experiences with my imagination. Wild things I could do! places I could go, with this evolved bicycle! I felt like a child again, all excited and electrified.

At the time Z1 bike was rough around edges, far from what we have now. It is now nearly 5 years from the very beginning and what do we have today?

Perfect when you found another crazy soulmate. ♻️??

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A BEAST, frankly speaking.

The redesigned, first on the market liquid cooled, rear hub electric motor, allows you to go faster and further! Heat is not a bogeyman anymore, even with Z1 direct 10kW continuous power output. It easily accelerates you up to 95 km/h and combined with Hulk strength carbon fiber frame (LT EN ISO 4210), the bike gives you tons of confidence.

Raw power, speed, and strength is not all that you can find Z1. If you go easy with it, 300 km. distance is not an issue. Theo only challenge is you being gentle with 10kW direct power.

We also have a solution for speed junkies who go full throttle all the time and manages to drain the battery fast. We made batteries super easy to swap. It takes around a minute and you are ready for the next round.

Zbike are known for two top features – authentic handmade and quality products! ??♻️

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The price? Probably the best price/quality ratio on the market.

All juicy bits mentioned above, combined with carefully selected bike parts gave birth for ZBIKE Z1 beast.


Check more about the race with MEDCEDES SLR on ZBIKE instagram

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