Paradox Bikes Training

Paradox Bikes Training

We usually use our Paradox Bikes for our own pleasure. And that’s how we decided to start the first month of spring (romantic not).

paradox bikes

We try every day to have a Paradox ride, to make sure that everything is working right but of course, we prefer to ride to have fun.

Training is what we actually do. Paradox riders, always use their bikes for hours of Training on the mountains.

We, in Paradox, love to get the feedback from our riders. Freeriders, Downhill riders, Enduro riders are becoming more and more familiar with e-bikes. Who wouldn’t?

Hermes can ride up to 50km/h for 3-4 hours. In that case, you may ride for hours without the need of an uplift.

You can see the videos with all the specs of Hermes.

Hermes is designed to cover the following requirements:

  • Convert any MTB to eMTB – Patented design, mount on almost any bicycle frame.

  • Low Weight (2 kg of the motor – 3 kg total)

  • Durability and Maintainability

  • Efficient Power Transmission

  • High Power (1500W)

  • Control and Cooperation with rider (thumb throttle)

  • Ground clearance

  • Independence of motor to your specific bicycle Geometry

  • High-quality backpack – with Power System (Dakine Drafter and POC enduro VPD2) at 680Wh

  • Constant Torque (130Nm)



And finally,

Beauty: high-quality vision of Hand-laid carbon,

Color options: Hard Anodization with 7 color options to fit your bike setup

You may find more information at our

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