RLE Bike presents one of the world’s most lightweight ebike

one of the world’s most lightweight ebike

One of the world’s most lightweight ebike

At the annual BikeExpo2017 show, the Moscow-based company RLE Bike publicly unveiled several lightweight electric bicycles. The presentation included two models: the RLE Urban for use within the city limits, and the RLE Highland, an off-road MTB Hardtail version.

The RLE team undertook the task of designing an electric bike that wouldn’t differ from a regular, non-electric bicycle in either weight or appearance. The resulting bike was to be manufactured using the latest-generation equipment and provide keep and tough competition to products of the world’s top-rated brands. The e-bike RLE has created is almost impossible to distinguish from a full-featured city or mountain bike, while its weight is only 13.9 kg. The batteries are hidden inside the frame, and the motor-in-wheel is integrated with the rear hub and virtually unnoticeable unless you’re a bike expert.

The electric drive complies with the European standards and works in the so-called Pass Mode. This means the nominal power output of the motor is limited to 250 W, and the top speed limit is 25 km/h. However, the RLE team has slightly increased the upper max speed limit for Russia, where strict safety standards are yet to be established. All RLE e-bikes shipped to Europe will fully meet the European requirements.

Worth noting, the main component of the bike – its frame – is designed and manufactured in Russia. It’s made from a very lightweight aerospace titanium alloy, OT4, which is subjected to additional treatment for the purpose of enhancing its strength, fatigue life, and rigidity. The design of this one-of-the-kind bicycle frame has been patented. The bike’s battery is also manufactured in Russia using cutting-edge Panasonic/Tesla elements, which aren’t on general sale. The battery capacity is sufficient to cover a distance of 50-70 km, provided the user pedals lightly. Keep in mind this is also a full-featured bicycle that allows you to drive around without engaging the electric motor. In this case, the distance and top speed are limited only by the cyclist’s capabilities.

The e-bikes are fitted with the latest-generation professional and semi-professional group sets and moving parts manufactured by the leaders of the world’s bicycle industry, such as Shimano, SRAM, FOX, RockShox, and others.

The RLE Bike startup unites experts in various business fields into a committed team. The company has gathered professionals specializing in cycling, electronics and electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, sales and marketing, as well as business processes. The e-bike is assembled in Russia, at the REDLINE Engineering production line, which has been engaged in enhancing the comfort of Mercedes-Benz cars for over 15 years.

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Written by Oleg Brushlinskiy

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