The performance e-bike

 Boxxbike is a company founded in the Czech Republic. In the past 4 years, Boxxbike has been focused on development and research in the field of LEV (light electric vehicles). The latest model called Valkyrie is a showcase of the new advanced technology, which raises the bar in this field. All bike electronics are made in-house. The controller, BMS, Motor, and the charging system are built individually but are linked and capable of working in unison.

Possibly the one huge step ahead is the fast charging system which is at the moment limited by the battery technology. As the founders say, there is no problem in the capacity of batteries but in the charging time which limits you. We believe that in the near future we will be able to charge bikes with mid-size batteries (500Wh – 1500Wh) in 30 – 45 min. Especially high-performance e-bikes should be as light as possible so big batteries are not the solution. But fast charging could be…

Full rear brake variable recuperation

Our goal was to use the energy from the braking process and put it back to the battery. The motor is able to switch back and forth between motor and generator in less than 100ms. Another great fact is that your braking power never weakens... Electronically operated brake allows you to play with the system and hopefully, soon we will be able to introduce ABS.:)


The frame geometry comes from a downhill bike. The reinforced aluminum honeycomb 5mm thick box, which holds all the electronics, is completely sealed. The electronics are constantly monitored with 8 thermal sensors placed on the battery, charging cables and connectors, BMS, controller and all phase cables.

If you have any questions about the Valkyrie e-bike and its technology, please contact us via e-mail or via our Facebook page.

Dirt doesn’t hurt:)

The bike is ready for pre-order or test ride in the Czech Republic.
Currently looking for dealers around the world.

Technical and performance

Peak power 8Kw
Battery 1350Wh
Speed 70Km+
Charging time from 0-100% - 75min
Weight of complete bike 34Kg

Boxxbike BLAC motor

The key component is the motor/generator. In our system, we use the motor for obvious reasons like everyone else. The other two are charging and braking. For the charging mode, we use motor's winding as a resistor. This way we can charge any type and size of the battery with any power supply.
Motor cooling is achieved through the mass frame interconnected system, this means that the motor's stator is directly pressed into the frame. Frame mass "consumes" the heat and while the frame is air-cooled together with the motor.

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Written by David Jehlicka

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