Ultimate Fat Tire Electric Bike Showdown 2018 Edition

Imagine being able to ride your electric bike both on road and off road without having to worry so much about punctures and instability.

If you dream of being able to hit the trails, and then smoothly transition to your commute to work, you need a fat tire ebike.

There’s no denying it – fat tire electric bikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after styles of electric bike for both ebike veterans and beginners alike.

And with good reason.

Fat tire ebikes in their varied shapes and sizes present a wonderful mix of versatility, practicality and excitement.

Don’t be fooled by the rugged looks and chunky tires though, as you will discover by the end of this post, there is a wide and varied world of these ebikes with wide tires and something to suit most people’s needs.

We’ve included what we think are the Top 10 fat tire electric bikes on the market today, across 4 different categories.

We recognize that everyone has different uses for their ebike, so we’ve tried to provide the best options in each of the main categories of fat tire electric bikes.

Folding Fat Tire Ebikes

Folding ebikes have long been popular with urban commuters and other riders who have a need to save space, for example on a boat or RV.

Fat tire folding ebikes follow this tradition with the addition of course of wider tires and often a more sturdy frame.


If you are considering a folding ebike you should enjoy the additional versatility to comfortably ride over a range of surfaces with wider tires.

Our picks here are the Emojo Lynx, the Joulvert Playa Desert and the Ride Scoozy VeeGo 500.

Cross Country Fat Tire Ebikes

Cross Country Fat Tire Ebikes follow what is commonly thought of as a mountain bike design and setup.

They are full sized ebikes that are specially designed to be ridden across a range of surfaces and are more comfortable at longer distances than the smaller folding fat bikes.

While they can be ridden on the road they are most definitely aimed at those who are looking to get a bit of trail action in and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our Top 3 Cross Country fat tire electric bikes are the Emojo Wildcat, the Prodecotech Rebel XS and the Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra FS.

All-Around Fat Tire Ebikes


An all-round fat tire ebike is one that is full sized and primarily used for on-road riding but will also be happy with light off-road riding on dirt, gravel, sand or snow.

In this category, we are looking at fat tire ebikes that would be great as a commuter with the ability to carry baggage or shopping as needed.

In our Showdown at the time of writing we have just one solid recommendation for you; the SSR Motorsports Sand Viper Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike.

Hunting Fat Tire Ebikes

We commonly term these fat tire ebikes as “hunting ebikes” but they can also be used for a wide range of activities including fishing, camping or deeper trail riding.

Generally these ebikes are built more specifically for off-road riding and may be supplied with the widest tires on our list.

The use of ebikes for hunting is growing rapidly. Ebikes provide are a much more efficient way of travelling a hunting ground to scout, check trail cameras and travel from stands and hides to your vehicle.

Most hunting ebikes can be further extended with a range of trailers and other accessories to make kill transportation off the hunting ground a 100% easier.

Ebikes with a nominal power output of 750W or below can legally be used to access public lands in many US states. Ebikes in this range are classified as electric vehicles and do not require registrations. We’ve included a couple of picks for you at this power range.

Out top hunting fat tire ebikes are the Rambo 750C G3, the QuietKat Ranger and the Rambo R1000XP G3.

Without further ado…let’s get this 2018 Fat Tire Electric Bike Showdown started!

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