Several studies are already suggesting that transport habits due to the COVID-19 pandemic will change the future of transport. Specifically, it is giving micro-mobility more recognition, especially for electric scooters. Due to the pandemic, many city dwellers have been wary of public transport and have started to favour micro-mobile transportation that increases social distancing when travelling. However, it looks like this trend will continue even after the pandemic ends.

A survey by Lime found that riders in major cities including Berlin, Seoul, and New York plan to continue riding scooters in the future. Another survey by McKinsey suggests that there will be an increase in demand for solitary forms of transportations such as cars, bikes, and electric scooters. It’s likely that as more people experience the convenience of electric scooters and other micro-mobile transportations, more people will opt for it in the future.

Of course, even after the pandemic, electric scooters will prove to have more benefits and use. If you’re thinking of getting one, here are more reasons to invest in an electric scooter as personal transportation in the future.

Electric scooters save a lot on costs.

One of the benefits of owning an electric scooter is its cost-saving perks. For one, electric scooters are significantly cheaper than buying a car or motorcycle. In the US, the average cost of purchasing a car is $36,718, while the cost of a decent budget electric scooter only costs around $350 to $500. However, that’s just the initial cost.

When owning a car, you also need to consider costs for fuel, maintenance, and insurance. On the other hand, electric scooters will mostly cost you maintenance. However, e-scooters are generally low-maintenance and rarely need any repairs or replacements, so there is not much cost involved after purchasing a unit.

If you can’t afford to buy your own electric scooter, many startups have made it possible to rent one through ride-sharing services. Electric scooters for public transport have risen in popularity because of e-scooter ride-sharing services such as Lime and Bird. The cost of riding these scooters usually cost less than public transport. Either you own an electric scooter or rent one, it is still a practical and budget-friendly option for most people, especially city dwellers.

It allows you to travel anywhere, anytime.

Because of its small frame, foldable body, and light weight, electric scooters offer portability that gives you the convenience of going anywhere at any time. Although many prefer riding cars as personal transport, this may soon change as more people opt for convenient modes of transportation. After all, you can easily carry around electric scooters and store or park them in small spaces. Because of its convenience, electric scooter transportation has become a more practical choice, especially for urban areas.

Moreover, as cities grow denser, the lack of parking spaces make it difficult for people in cities to park their vehicles and go around the city. As a result, some people park their vehicles in the streets which occupies road space and makes vehicles vulnerable to theft. However, electric scooters solve this problem because it doesn’t occupy much space. In fact, 6 to 20 bicycles can fit in one car parking space, and that’s almost the same number of e-scooters that you can park. Fewer cars and obstacles on the road also mean it will be easier for people to go around the city.

It saves time by avoiding traffic.

Once everything is back to normal, more people and vehicles will be out on the road again. This means traffic will return to normal or increase significantly. Unfortunately, traffic causes people to waste productivity as they spend more time on the road rather than at work or in their homes. In fact, a 2017 survey from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia reported that the average commute had increased to 4.5 hours per week.

With electric scooters, commuters can bypass traffic easily as they ride on footpaths or sidewalks instead. Electric scooters also allow you to take alternative routes, allowing you to travel faster, unlike taking a car or public transport. Because of this efficiency, electric scooters have become a popular choice for some delivery services. With electric scooters, you can go anywhere, as long as it is safe and legal to ride it.

It helps clean the air.

Lastly, electric scooters help push for more eco-friendly transportation, especially in cities. According to Lime, electric scooters help reduce carbon emissions from road transportations by 350 grams for every mile. In fact, Paris, one of the cities with the most electric scooters being used in public, has saved around 330 tons of carbon emissions because of the scooters.

Moreover, as e-scooter ride-sharing startups continue to develop their service and process, the e-scooter’s whole lifecycle will become more eco-friendly and sustainable. For example, some ride-sharing companies have already started using more eco-friendly ways on how to transport an electric scooter for recharging and back to public spaces. Regardless, electric scooters help reduce air pollution in cities with its small amount of carbon footprint.

Electric scooters are here to stay.

Electric scooters may not still be widespread, but one thing is for sure: it is here to stay. After all, the pandemic has unexpectedly pushed for the idea of micro-mobility or car-free cities, and electric scooters are proving to be popular with the public.

If you’re wondering what electric scooter you should buy for city riding, there are already plenty of local and international models out there that will suit your needs. So, invest in an electric scooter today and see where the future of transport can take you.

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