Koowheel 2nd generation e-skateboard first riding

Koowheel 2nd generation e-skateboard first riding

Koowheel 2nd generation e-skateboard first riding

Hi ~ Due to Koowheel second generation electric skateboard Kooboard is the first electric skateboard in my life, and I rarely spend money to buy such an expensive toy (In addition to, bought the trail bike with “good cause”…) so I was eager to go to the park . And I was very painful to finished the mileage range test, later I explain Why it is painful.

Before you read the story, first share the skateboard’s data for the reference.

The total load of koowheel electric skateboard is 61.9KG with body weight 58.5KG + body protection device 1.6KG + ultra-lightweight running shoes 0.2KG +960ml Water + 1KG mobile phone keys and debris 0.6KG.

The first trip

Yesterday afternoon the weather was quite hot, wanted to take the skateboard to the Riverside Park , but because the family dinner time too close, had to go near the embankment to try it. At dusk, the Park has too much people, so the acceleration and deceleration are very frequent, at about 5:30 pm, I was recalled by my family, this time took 55 minutes.


After dinner, didn’t give up hope to go again.

And after had dinner with my family and return to the Riverside Park at 9 o’clock, this time the pedal only with sporadic runners, so play the accelerator for a while, More leisurely way to enjoy, this time riding two hours and a half.


On the evening, slipped 10.68KM.


Nine o’clock in the evening, slip 28.76KM again.


Slope changes little when the average altitude is 26 meters.

The above data is recorded by the APP “Geo Tracker “,  the satellite positioning to the precise mode. The bike lane about 2.3 km, with almost all asphalt pavement, only 50 meters is quite bumpy with tiles (two places total of 50 meters). I would had spent about 3 hours and 14 minutes (almost all standing on the skateboarding ~ _ ~ “), it really is quite painful experience.

This time I ridded 39.44 km with full charged battery ~ You didn’t see it wrong, on one battery , several time I wanted to give up to going home and then test again another day, this is really quite abnormal life … … … … (and when run out the battery, the hand touched the battery turned out to be cold, the motor only a micro-temperature, really Good ~), I think if I did not stop and go, the mileage should be higher, if anyone own this board, then you can try.  It Should be longer than I stand on the skateboard .

During the whole processing, I had many changes in speed and the brake (my acceleration and deceleration and speed range please refer to the above picture), so I assume that it should be 20KM mileage range on the limit (according to experience, the manufacturers usually With turtle speed plus constant speed to measure out a beautiful data, so cannot believe). But also because of this idea so I had some scruples (I was think that will suddenly power off, have to hold a 7.8 kg electric skateboard back to home).

And because of this wrong idea, so I ridded until 12 o’clock, the electricity was really consumed out.(who knows the data will be written so conservative …….. I really lost), It is 20km faster than I estimated speed 20km. (this story tells us, to remember the meaning of the power display lights before playing the electric skateboard, and don’t assume that every manufacturer must be tricky”).

Four laps of them was sit down on the skateboard (play as kart when u are tired, it’s really great)


At nine o’clock the speed limit of about 26.8KM.

In short, after this test, the following can be confirmed:

The mileage of electric skateboard is very good, manufacturers provide the data is too conservative.

Motor and battery quality is good, smooth riding almost no superheat.

The wheel will shock foot on the brick road.

If there is 12mm gravel under the wheel, the wheels will jump.

If there is 5mm gravel, does not affect the control.

Brakes are sharp and sensitive, please do not push too hard, and do the focus shifted beforehand.

Acceleration performance is also good, should be more exciting after unlocking.

It has a good adaptability on the rough road, the flexibility of the board just to make the wheels affixed.

The above mileage and speed test are performed without unlocking, and I will unlock to see the real speed of the board next time.

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Written by Sallybao


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