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There’s a constant back and forth debate. Will EUCs enter mainstream society or will they forever be an obscure niche?

The YouTube video on The Creative Nomad channel explores the topic in detail:

However, I wanted to cover this topic in greater detail using the written form. Currently, several things are happening in many countries: economies are failing, there’s a global health crisis, and new restrictions are being placed on public transport. Cumulatively, these factors serve as indicators that EUCs entering mainstream society is a viable expectation.

I wanted to explore this more though. What external factors would help ensure EUCs go mainstream?  One of the starting points was Coronavirus. Its rapid spread has not only exposed ineffective leaders but also caused many countries to re- evaluate ways to ensure future economic growth. In September, under what was dubbed ‘France re-launch’ French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled a 100 billion Euro stimulus package. Strikingly 30 billion of that is ring- fenced for greener energy policies and transport. Their neighbours in the EU, Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel has presented a 130 billion Euro proposal geared towards tax cuts with 50 billion of funds aimed at financing new technologies including incentives to buy electric cars.

Meanwhile across the pond, Canada continues to feel the brunt of the collapsing gas and oil sector with its Prime Minister, Trudeau once again at a cross- road. Either push green energy and transport plans in spite of opposition from climate change deniers and the oil tycoons who donate to his party. Or evaluate how to do the same thing that’s been done before and expect different results. Cue the misattributed Einstein insanity quote.

However, London’s Mayor Siddiq Khan, after facing huge losses in the transport sector decided not to repeat previous actions. Instead a slew of changes have taken place including the legalisation of rental escooters on public roads in a bid to ease pressures on public transport and secure long- term bids from private scooter companies.

Granted this move doesn’t cover EUCs or private owners of escooters, so in traditional Khan fashion this move has received a partial thumbs up from commuters and the EUC community alike. Focusing on the positives though, this move will pull more people towards the eco- system of micro- mobility. Thus the likelihood increases of them subsequently exploring comparable modes of transport such as Electric Unicycles once they realise that BIRD speed isn’t fast and a lemon can roll farther than LIME.

I view this as a win for micro- mobility and potentially one small step towards EUC ubiquity. Check out the video in order to hear about the other reasons why I believe EUCs will soon be known in mainstream society.

Reasons why EUCs will go mainstream:

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Written by Denielle Noel

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