Thanks Gotway MCMv4, you had taught me better balance in life, independence, and taking life at speed.

You are an electric 800watt powered stallion. You were a wild bronco when I first got you and killed my legs and feet muscles. But as got stronger your power was tamed.

I love you and I hate you. I will miss you.  I will like to put you up for adoption for anyone reading this that wants to pick up a very capable modern EUC. ( I AM SELLING IT )

I have to buy a larger faster EUC now and wouldn’t mind giving this one a new home. Contact me if you would like a great condition EUC purchased last September and lightly used !

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Written by John Chau

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  1. Hi John – After many years of doing kung fu I’d love to adopt your EUC. I suspect my leg and feet muscles, conditioned by flying kicks and sparring, would be thrashed and trashed by your EUC. Help this old dog learn to be a new grasshopper!

    • Hey Sifu,

      I bow to you in respect for your mastery of Kung Fu, willingness to develop new balance in life, and looking adopt new lightning speed and mobility. Will this be your first EUC ? It appears you aren’t too far from the South Bay where this wheel is located. I invite you to come by my home near Torrance , Ca and meet the EUC sometime

      • I recently got a used InMotion V5F and am in my 3rd week of practice. I bought it used, however, and it has battery problems and was in a pretty bad crash in it’s former life. I was very intimidated and couldn’t afford anything new and was looking for a beginner wheel for several months. Now I can go about 10 to 15 feet before I wobble and fall off. I practice at the kung fu studio and haven’t ventured onto the street yet.

        It’s great to be a beginner again and I think there’s value in my students watching me mess up…a good humility lesson. I just wish I had a more modern wheel that wasn’t as banged up.

        I live in West LA so Torrance is not a problem. Let me know – happy to pay a visit! 🙂

      • I really do love the riding experience of rising and wish I’d have gotten something more reliable. Facing facts I think I went with the wrong wheel. I was counseled to get something in with more power (I’m 6’2) and in better condition… But maybe your wheel is good karma coming my way?

        If you are kind enough to bestow your first wheel to me I’d be happy to “pay it forward” and give the V5F to someone who, like me, is anxious to try. I would, however, disclose the battery issues and the mileage – which were kept from me.

        I’m anxious to mount a wheel I can trust and stick with for the learning curve. I love it so far but after 3 weeks I’m very twitchy about the used wheel I have.

        Thanks again – Larry

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