High performance jetboard was just revealed

After years of engineering and development the new high performance electric jetboard was recently introduced on Gold Coast in Australia.


Amongst many water sports and activities, surfing has one of the leading positions. Traditional surfing has a rich history and attracts many who wants to conquer the ocean.

But for most of us master the surfing is very challenging and almost impossible, it takes a lot of time to achieve a proper paddling technique, and even though you try your hardest you continue to fall off the board again and again, feeling exhausted catching the ocean wave.

And what if you live far away from the ocean? Here it comes the game changer.

After months of research and hard work, we proudly present a full carbon electric surfboard also known as ESB, equipped with high performance 11kW electric propulsion which is powered by capacitive 3.2kWh power pack.

ESB  is designed for insanely speed and maneuverability, while ensuring precise controlling and fully sustainability on  water.

Every lake , river or even pond is now your own testing playground. Waves are no longer needed, with ESB you make your own waves anytime anywhere.

This breathtaking experience lets you go beyond your limits to feel that adrenaline rush and make your heart beat faster.  It`s more about fun and freedom that ESB  can bring you.

With the ESB surfboard you will learn surfing in 10 minutes


Composite materials allow for a lightweight craft, essential for achieving high speeds. Premium composites like carbon fiber allows the board to withstand hard impacts while protecting the vital electrical components inside, ensuring that you and your board can push the limits and come back in one piece. Made by hand with a composite construction, the board’s hull is built to last.The carbon fiber hull allows for flexibility in the rails and tail for extremely powerful turns and adds greater strength to the overall surface of the board


The ESB was designed with one key factor in mind: Adrenaline. The 11 kW brushless heavy duty electric motor amply delivers the torque necessary to propel the rider to speeds of up to 55 kph in mere seconds. A precision-machined impeller and housing parts ensure maximized efficiency and  acceleration. Watertight seals, together with the water the user rides on, eliminates the need for any internal coolants, minimizing maintenance.


Working in tandem with the motor, the exchangeable battery pack 3.2kWh is designed to meet the demanding requirements of the board. The ESB’s battery pack uses lithium ion ternary cells and delivers up to 40 minutes of mixed riding. Utilizing a plug-and-play battery system, the battery is both re-chargeable and removable, allowing for an effortless re-charge or battery change. Using a 230-volt outlet, it takes the battery approx. 100-120 minutes to get fully charged.


Years of experience designing EV’s from electric bikes to electric motorcycles led to the creation of the electric surfboard. We’ve combined the best technologies, design skills, and attention to detail into an incredible ride. Our jetboards are built with premium carbon fiber, which offers the perfect flex patterns along with toughness and weight reduction.

Our custom made propulsion system delivers the most power and reliability on the market. Period. It’s liquid cooled and built to run all day, every day.

11kW motor is sleek and hydrodynamic for reduced drag in the water. Its design is a direct drive with minimal mechanical components (no gearbox needed) for maximum torque, response, and silence. Forget complicated motors with redundant gearboxes that have lack torque and will eventually fail. Our motors are virtually maintenance free, built to last, and deliver an incredible amount of power.

We’ve got the power!


Top speed: 30 knots / 55 kph*Acceleration: 0-55 kph in 5 secondsDrivetrain: Performance electric jet 11kW

Battery: Li-Ion power pack 3.2kWh

Runtime: Up to 40 minutes of mixed ridingCharge time: 180 minExchangeable battery: YesCarbon fiber body: YesDimensions: 168x55x15 cmWeight of jetboard: 23 kg

Weight of battery: 20kg

* Maximum speed depends on rider weight

Available now for $5600

for more details check

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Written by Igor Tarkh

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