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The SARVO 37 is an electric speed-boat with superior performance. An electric power plant accelerates this aluminum projectile to 70 knots (129km/h) and sustains a cruising speed of 20 knots (37km/h) for a 108 nautical miles (200 km) round-trip. 

The elegant classic boat design has been refined in simplicity and fitted with a luxury cabin for two passengers by implementing Danish design, the highest quality of materials, and the newest technology available. 

Bow out a at high speed and a low environmental cost. Dock in style – with a clean engine and a clear conscience.


The sharp and v-shaped hull flattens towards the stern. This saves energy – both at a high and a low speed – for increased range.

At a lower speed, the straight prow cuts through the waves like a blade – for a comfortable and efficient ride. With a push of the throttle, the boat will begin to plane.

The SARVO 37 is built for the typical wavelengths of the Baltic and 

Mediterranean Sea. The perfectly balanced battery pack gives a steady ride through rough seas.

This design is created by the founder of Sarvo Marine, Sarvo Breckling. The hull is engineered to sailing and safety perfection by Danish Marine Design.


Electric motors are the future. With a custom electric motor producing power equivalent to 1676 horsepower and a large battery pack, the SARVO 37 is capable of performing 70 knots (129km/h) and travel a distance of 108 nautical miles (200km) at a cruising speed of 20 knots (200 km at 37 km/h). 

The cutting-edge battery pack weighs less than half of the most innovative and best batteries on the market today. The battery pack is under development by Abtery and is expected to be completed by spring of 2019. 

This superior performance is made possible by in-house developed technology. The powerplant only weighs 930 kg, which is significantly less than a fully fueled conventional powerboat. 


The Sarvo 37 is fitted with a custom surface piercing drive, this is significant more efficient than conventional outboard motors or fixed propeller systems, because it can tolerate an extreme moment of force (torque). This type of drive system is very often used in naval patrol vessels.


The SARVO 37 is powered by an electric motor. This means that is has zero environmental pollution and no emission of greenhouse gasses – neither no oil spills, nor motor noise or smell when you sail. 

The strong sea-aluminum hull can last for generations and the alloy can be fully recycled. The SARVO 37 also comes with a synthetic deck made by 80% recycled materials. Besides saving weight, this material is very durable and needs extremely little maintenance. 


The Sarvo 37 ePropulsion system does not have moving parts, and for that reason it almost requires no maintenance. The ePropulsion system has no starter, no ignition coils, no injectors and no fuel pump, therefore the ePropulsion system does not need any of these spare parts ever changed.

The sea-aluminum hull is corrosion resistant and needs much less care than a fiberglass hull, since no waxing or polishing is needed. All fasteners are made of acid-free stainless steel. 

The SARVO 37 simply won’t rust.


The SARVO 37 has a solid aluminum hull, much stronger than conventional fiberglass. 

The motor can only be started by the push of a button, when the captain is onboard. The device also works as a digital kill switch.

There is an auxiliary battery pack onboard, which can be manually connected, so you won’t accidentally run out of power.


With the SARVO 37 we aim at creating another timeless masterpiece for generations to enjoy.

The SARVO 37 is formed as a solid cast, shiny projectile with a one-piece windscreen similar to the canopy of a fighter plane and no visible railings, ropes or mooring posts. 

We build to precision with only the highest quality materials. However, for surfaces greatly exposed to saltwater and sunlight, such as the deck and the outer seating, we have chosen tougher alternatives to normal wood and leather.

The lightweight and sturdy properties of aluminum make it ideal for the body.

The aesthetics of the polished aluminum pays homage to older generations of race cars and powerboats. We have now refreshed this classic exterior by contemporary minimalism, creating a simple design as a deliberate understatement. Because less is more.


The SARVO 37 has a user-friendly man-machine interface with ‘don’t need – don’t show instruments. Important information about speed and battery life is always visible. 

The additional features are available on your plug-in touch screen. 

The cockpit lounge is covered by an elegant and weather resistant imitation 

leather combined with brushed aluminium details.

The deck, floor and table are made with durable and weight saving synthetic wood. Seats are suspended to absorb shock and vibrations but can also swivel to face the sofa. Specially designed sun mattresses can be stowed in the stern.

Shown below are some of our sources of inspiration and design process sketches.


The SARVO 37 has a luxurious cabin with a specially designed double bed, toilet and coffee kitchen. The insulated brushed aluminum walls are a cool contrast to the 

exquisite hand sewn imitation leather and smoked oak panels inside. 


Sarvo Breckling

Sarvo founded the company out of desire to create a fast and beautiful day cruiser which also doesn’t harm the environment. Since then, the company has grown along with its ambitions.


Jan Tholstrup

Jan is an experienced businessman, who shares Sarvos passion for life at sea and everything fast moving.

Key partner 

Abtery AB, Advanced Drive systems

A team of experienced engineers, designers and innovators out of Gothenburg in Sweden, strives to push the limits within the area of design innovation and electric battery and motor solutions. Electrical engineer, CTO and founder Jonas Voss is known to challenge the status quo and was earlier the chief engineer behind the revolutionary Swedish hypercar koenigsegg Regera.

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