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The eTecMag is European Electric vehicle print magazine

print magazine!

Today its easy to find online article about something you like, but not in print version ( specially if you are in EU ).eTecMag is Europe’s first magazine for electromobility lifestyle (German) .They are totally and only oriented to electric tech and vehicles: drones, ebikes, electric skateboards, ewatercraft etc… The eTecMag will appear at train stations, airports and at selected magazine stores in Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland. eTecMag also has a small webshop with latest tech from Inmotion, Ninebot, electric skateboards and smaller EVs. You can check it out here

eTecMag also has online version here

eTecMag just posted their first small article on Evnerds ( Thank you) here

Some of eTecMag latest stories are:





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Es ist vollbracht, Ausgabe 3 des eTecMag ist ab sofort erhältlich!✌️🔋😀 Wo genau? Ihr findet uns an #Bahnhöfen und…

Posted by eTecMag on 1. prosinca 2017

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