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Yago Electric Unicycle community, shop and youtube channel

Yago is Electric unicycle shop, community and Youtube channel in Taiwan

yago electric unicycle

Some electric unicycle shops have a better strategy than others. Every shop has the same purpose: To sell as much as it can to the customer. Make no doubt about it! And there’s nothing wrong with it, its the way of business.


There are two major differences between good and bad EUC shop for us at EvNerds. In our opinion, If you set up a shop and want loyal customers; go electric unicycling around with customers, organize events, have a youtube channel that shows your awesome skills and sense of humor, have fun with those who are same as you. Its the same thing with buying cars: Would you rather buy a Ferrari from an ex-formula racer that has set up a shop with Ferrari cars, or would you rather buy it from a person behind a desk that has no sense of adrenalin rush that we all get from driving? Of course, most of the business does not work like that. Most of the business is not run by electric unicycle passion, and most of the shops don’t have guys behind a desk that even go unicycling. But at some point when you look at THIS community and shop; you might change your mind on managing your businesses. There are more examples of electric unicycle shops like this, and we will cover them in future.

Yago Family has all many of these elements fitted in one successful business

Yago Webshop / Up to date newest EUC products

Gotway Mten, Gotway TESLA, Gotway Msuper3, Inmotion v8, Inmotion v5, Ninebot ONE, KS14 etc..

This product is not only listed on websites without any further information. They have faq part on webshop and their own youtube videos that help customers after buying. Example: Inmotion v5 review with common problems. Not to mention the large community that you can call for Help!


Yago Community events in Taiwan

They also offer EUC rentals if you want to try out Electric unicycle before buying


Yago Taiwan shop

We are not sure if they have one or two shops, their site is Taiwanese. But we do know they make Video podcast on Youtube in their shops



We are not in any way affiliated with Yago. We share what we think its worth sharing. Business like this makes us happy. So if you around visit them.


Yago facebook page

One of the examples of similar business inteligence in USA is Joey Serrin – Read here

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