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Ebike and Electric motorcycle open source DASHBOARD for all by

OPEN SOURCE electric vehicle digital dashboard FOR 200 British Pounds Open Source Electric Vehicle Dashboard! DEV kit (200 British Pounds) is something we were very excited to share with you guys. It’s a digital electric vehicle dashboard that you can customize completely or even make your own apps (some with no programming knowladge)!. Every electric bike, electric motorcycle or electric car DIY builder wants to have a nice view of motor performance, battery monitoring and speed gauges in a nice form without five different display showing one data at the time. To do so, one needs a programmable electric vehicle dashboard, SO THAT THE SYSTEMS SHOWS EXACT VALUES FOR GIVEN COMPONENTS. This almost infinite value input dashboards offer Voltage settings, battery Ah settings, speed limits etc…

Before we get into digital dashboard lets take a trip to relevant electric vehicle dashboard history. Please note that we are not talking about nonreusable DIY Ebike computers and dashboards that are brand related ( for example Bosch ebike computer that cant be paired with any ebike components that are not Bosch )

Electric Vehicle Dashboard History

Market standard for DIY Ebikes and Electric motorcycles Dashboardk was ruled many years by Cycle Anylist. A great product by

The Cycle Analyst V1

The Cycle Analyst V1 (formerly called DrainBrain) is the first digital dashboard and battery monitor originally designed around the specific needs of electric bicycles. However, the flexible setup configurations, wide feature range, and affordable price have led it to widespread appeal in a range of other EV applications. From the dashboards of MIT’s solar car to record-breaking electric motorbikes, to small trains, powered wheelchairs, and even sailboats and airplanes, the Cycle Analyst has become the e-meter of choice for keeping track of the vehicle’s battery usage and performance characteristics. All Grin tech digital dashboards have updatable firmware. With numerous settings inside this little computer, it became the standard for any DIY electric vehicle maker, because of its possibility to customize main functions in order to get right Battery data, motor power data etc..

V3 Cycle Analyst

The Cycle Analyst V3

The V3 Cycle Analyst is the next step for the CA product line to not only monitor what is going on in an ebike, but also control it. In the V2 CA we included basic throttle over-ride capabilities for speed, current, and low voltage limiting that proved quite popular, but fundamentally it was mostly a passive display. With the V3 Cycle Analyst, all the ebike signals, from your brake cutoffs to your throttle to your pedal sensor, are first intercepted at the Cycle Analyst. The CA then processes all of these inputs to determine how to control your bike, which it then does via one standard throttle output signal to the controller. Cycle Analyst V3 is really a dream for any DIY ebike or electric motorcycle maker

Cycle Analyst under Justin’s supervision and development is going to be stay a leader, but there will be more and more other developments like that may take a piece of the cake Electric Vehicle Dashboard DEV kit

To further enable its Smart Biking approach, enviolo’s (ex Nuvinci) partner, opens the App for developers and allows third parties to integrate their enhancements. In addition to users, also companies are welcome to create bicycle-specific app additions for their business applications. With little development effort, dealers could stay in touch with their customers through the App. ( cloud based )

Its easy to get confused. allready sells ready made component for BOSCH ebikes. This are not capatable to pair with different ebike controllers or to PLUG&PLAY with your configuration

ONE OF THE BOSH EBIKE SETUP dashboards is called Plus. Full list is here

We took this as an example of features, so you can get an idea what can you later program with DEV KIT plus EXAMPLE FEATURES

Plug & Play Installation for Bosch eBike drives is super simple to install. The system replaces the display and slides onto the central Bosch display adapter. You can control the motor and all the features using the existing Bosch control unit. Since there’s no complex installation necessary, switching back to the original display at any time is easy.


Plug & Play

  • Smartphone replaces the original display
  • Flexible holder for 4-6 inch smartphones
  • Controlled with the Bosch control unit
  • 100% secure smartphone holder
  • Charges your smartphone directly from the e-bike battery
  • Basic functions work without smartphone (engine, lights)

Free App (Android and iPhone)

  • iOS/ Android bike app with awarded design
  • Make and take calls
  • Audio control (e.g. Music app, Spotify and Audible)
  • Realtime data (user power, battery reach, cadence, calories, distance, elevation gain, ETA etc.)
  • Personalized zones for heart rate and cadence
  • Bluetooth fitness-sensors connectable
  • Three speed tracking methods (including GPS)
  • Minute-by-minute bike weather forecast


  • 2D/3D bike navigation with voice commands
  • Worldwide offline maps for free (Open Street Map)
  • Marked cycle paths, trails and dirt roads
  • Tour planning and GPX import using komoot
  • Synchronizes komoot-tours automatically
  • Tracking: komoot, Strava, Apple Health, Google Fit
  • Tracking also works with the phone in the pocket

Integrated cycling essentials

  • Bright, automatic front light (65 Lux)
  • Movement-triggered anti-theft alarm
  • Digital bell (via loudspeaker in the hub)
  • Hub software protection against unauthorized usage
  • Voice-guidance when navigating the app
  • Live range indicator with active warning DevKit (SDK)

This is what you will need to make your own dashboard

World’s first open biking cockpit

The DevKit opens up the system to create your own ideas. From a tiny dashboard module to a full-scale business tool. Become a DevKit developer if you wish AND CREATE your custom module.

How does it work?

You can test it on GITHUB, and buy later the Harware kit

You have to register for developer, buy a hardware KIT and code some stuff hardware kit registration module options module options when buying hardware kit

The full project is on GITHUB

You can implement in your projects allready made modules:


Quickly send text messages with current location

  • Browse message templates via handlebar remote
  • Pick contact from address book
  • Sends text message via Online API
  • Current location and ETA are attached

News Module

Browse current news and read later

  • Retrieves current news from Online API
  • Reads headlines via voice feedback
  • Skip to next/previous article via handlebar remote
  • Add to Safari’s Reading List with a single tap

Commute Module

Catch a train and keep an eye on transfer time

  • Retrieves train stations from Online API
  • Set nearby station as navigation destination
  • Calculates transfer time based on ETA and time table
  • Pick a train via handlebar remote

Grid Module

Customizable data dashboard

  • Drag’n’drop interface
  • Shows up to 15 real-time data points
  • Interface zooms in/out via handlebar remote
  • Remembers user preference for next ride

Radar Module

Nearby riders on a map in real-time

  • Shows current location with trail
  • Zoom out to see nearby riders in real-time
  • Interactively browse map via handlebar remote
  • Tap on other riders to join up DevKit Demos

For the first time ever you can rapidly build interactive experiences designed for bikes and e-bikes.
Whatever your idea, you can bring it to life with a simple tap of the thumb controller.

Get your HARDWARE KIT and Start CODING. First try it out on GITHUB on demo section! DEV KIT SITE


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