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High-efficiency ebike mid-drive motor TTIUM update to 45 Km/h

Wuhan Ttium has upgraded their Powerful PX mid-drive brushless motor for ebikes. The mid-drive motor is now named Powerfull + motor.
Their 3.4 kg motor unit has a rated power of 500-700 W with max 130Nm. Thanks to its torque, cadence and speed sensor this mid-drive motor is able to detect the rider’s power and position in less than 5 milliseconds, which results in the ability to start the ebike motor at zero rpm even when driving uphill

Not sure if this video features the new motor, as Ttium motor website lacks a lot of information

Guess how steep the slope is?

Guess how steep the slope is?

Objavljuje PESU u 10. travnja 2018

Ttium’s Powerful PX motor has developed two ‘Efficient’ models for 25 and 45 km/h as well.

This are the specs for high power version POWERFULL+ :

Rated Voltage 48V
Rated Power 550W
Max. Power 700W
Support level TU: 300%
SP : 210%
NO: 120%
EC: 50%
Maximal possible drive torque TU: 130Nm
SP : 115Nm
NO: 100Nm
EC: 85Nm
Maximal cadence with drive support 120rpm
Maximal support up to 25km/h; 32km/h; 45km/h
Efficiency > 83%
Operating temperature -5 ~ 40℃
Storage temperature -10 ~ 50℃
IP Rating IP54
Applicable Scenario Suburban/Tours/Mountains/Bicycle highways
Cyclecomputer Yes
Standards Followed CE

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