E BIKE 2017

TTIUM ebike mid-motor

By EvNerds

August 30, 2017

TTIUM ebike mid-motor featured on Eurobike 2017

The competition and ebike mid-motor WARS are heating up between BOSCH, BROSE, YAMAHA, POLINI AND CONTI MOTOR.


We are happy to announce the one new mid-motor motor system from TTIUM. With 95 Nm and 45 km/h speed, their mid-motor performance is at the same level as above mentioned motors. We don’t know the price yet

As a high-tech innovative enterprise, Wuhan TTIUM Motor Technology Co., Ltd. is focusing on R&D and manufacture of Pedelec’s intelligent driving system. TTIUM motor’s mission is to develop and improve a world class Pedelec drive system, to provide users with ultimate riding experience.

Their development lasted 2 years


This is what they came up with ( video on bottom )


One of the features that they are most proud of is 3 sensor system: