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Luckily our best news friend ( electric ) reported on all the news we missed so far. So let’s start!

Something is moving at Lightning Motorcycles


Today they announced a second model to be unveiled in March 2019: Strike. Lightning teases us with some impressive specifications as you can read here. But when they say “Designed to shock the industry in every dimension”, their price setting of nearly $ 13,000 (in the USA) is really shocking for this kind of bike. At the moment we don’t know if they are interested in the European market. MORE

New Generation 7 Motorbike Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019

7 Motorbike

Yes, the much-anticipated and highly awarded Generation 7 motorbike is finally here, and we were so proud to have launched it at CES 2019 last week. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone—the fans, press, partners—who came to our salon during those four incredible days to meet the Monday Motorbikes team and to see and learn about the new bike! MORE

EuroSports Technologies raised 5 million dollars to accelerate the development of their EST-X motorcycle


EST’s motorcycle is initially slated to launch in Southeast Asia, a vibrant market of 200 million motorcycles. Annual registrations of all brands in this region is estimated to be 15 million units. After our successful launch in this region, we will follow up with an international debut.

“By launching this new electric motorcycle, EST aims not only to deliver a dramatically better mobility experience for end users but also help alleviate the world’s air pollution problem,” said Joel Chang, COO of EST.
According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the number one cause of premature deaths in low-and middle-income Asian countries, accounting for 88% of these fatalities. Globally, air pollution is estimated to kill a shocking seven million people per year. Vehicle emissions are a major cause of this, including those from scooters and motorcycles which remain mostly gasoline powered and highly polluting. MORE

Honda unveils a new electric CR motocross prototype

Honda unveils a new electric CR motocross prototype

From our Japanese correspondent Hiromi Kinukawa we have reached some more information.
He visited Tokyo Motorcycle Show and was able to take pictures of the HONDA CD electric MUGEN version. “E. REX Prototype”. All the classic and drivetrain components are the same but have different look.
Hiromi: “Motor output and battery capacity was not open, I asked the MUGEN guy but no comment, lol.”
Also, no production date was released, but during the press show, the test rider of MUGEN SHINDEN (TT racer) mentioned that all the prototypes are followed by production. So, maybe not far from the actual production release.MORE

ESSENCE Motorcycles has received the Efficient Solution Label


t ESSENCE Motocycles, we focus on overcoming the issue of the electric motorcycle adoption. We push motorcycling to the next level riding experience. We design, engineer, build and market thrilling 100% electric motorcycles, for a sustainable joy of ride.

At the cutting edge of technology, ESSENCE pushed boundaries of power storage. We developed a powertrain for both performance and range. With 20 kWh capacity and 150 kW power, our motorcycles offer the best performance/range of the market.

Besides patented battery pack, ESSENCE developed many innovative features in order to enhance the riding experience. MORE

Cleveland CycleWerks has sponsored several semesters at Cleveland Institute of Art


Cleveland CycleWerks has sponsored several semesters at Cleveland Institute of Art, they have strategically aligned themselves with several universities for the last 5 years, and most of what they are doing is not public. There is the public Cleveland, and the big picture Cleveland. They generally do not release any information to the public until they are ready to release the product, but the student work gives them a sense of where our vision for the future is.MORE

Quadro Vehicles has revealed the brand new eQooder

Newsflash | At the Geneva International Motor Show 2019, Quadro Vehicles has revealed the brand new eQooder, the first and only electric vehicle in the world with four tilting wheels and zero emission. Find here the highlights of the press conference with Paolo Gagliardo, CEO. MORE

Erik Buell unveils 2 lightweight e-vehicles with his new urban mobility brand Fuell


FUELL’s “urban mobility” positioning led to the creation of several machines to cover all the needs and styles of those who choose two-wheeled electric mobility. FUELL’s offer is centered around two products:

An electric motorcycle available in 11kW (125cc equivalent) or 35kW (motorcycle license) versions, combining practical aspects for the urban journey (integrated 50 liter/13 gallon internal storage), technological innovations (proprietary wheel-motor(1), connected dashboard) and unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to its acceleration and low center of gravity. MORE

Ghatto introduces G1 Electric Motorcycle


In the Valencian town of Sollana, in the region of Ribera Alta, that’s where Ghatto is manufactured. A torque up to 600 Nm to wheel, thanks to its powerful brushless motor of permanent magnets and its incredible batteries. Lithium batteries with up to 14 kWh of energy and 600 amps peak or what is the same, an acceleration up to 3 seconds and up to 300 km of autonomy. All in an urban motorbike.MORE

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