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INMOTION CHALLENGER Electric Unicycle / Motorbike Performance!

There have been many speculations about the new CHALLENGER V13 electric unicycle. The fastest, the most powerful, the safest are attributes given to this wheel based on leaked internet data…..Rumors will end on launch event scheduled for Aug 11, 2022. The event will be held on YouTube.


“Making better electric unicycles and electric scooters have always been the most important thing that we’re striving for, and today we’re honored to share with you our 2 exciting products – Challenger (V13) & Climber. From today, we will redefine EUC & Escooter.” – Inmotion YouTube

What do we know right now as a fact about the new Inmotion Challenger EUC?


  • Challenger (V13) has the most powerful motor inside the electric unicycle wheel ever made with 4500W continues power and peaks more than 10000 W
  • In the video the no-load wheel rotations is equal to 143 Km/h. This translates to about 120 Km/h max speed with load!
  • The torque is whooping 300 Nm300 Nm 22 inch challenger electric motor
  • Waterproof rating of the brushless motor is IPX6waterproof raiting
  • The motor size is 22 inch
  • 8 AWG phase cables ( lower rating means thicker wires ) in contrast to other unicycles with 10 AWG rating.
  • double hall sensors connected to one board ( If one set of hall sensors fail, second pair will continue to work )dual hall sensors

If you want to check out more, look at the video:


  • Inmotion challanger features SMART BMS with every parallel cell data monitored by motherboard. You will be able to see this in Inmotion appchallenger inmotion app
  • Better cell balancing technology that can increase the battery lifespan by 100%
  • Dedicated Voltmeter that will keep the volt information deviation down to 3%. That will give us more precise information about how much battery power is left in the wheelbattery voltage
  • Independent battery logs will help Inmotion team to dive into every failure case
  • Battery is waterproof and features potting compounds that will keep battery safe of any vibration. This ensures that cell connections are always strong
  • Protective shields on plastic ensure extra battery protection and damage to the corner of the battery shell
  • The battery has 12 temperature sensors!
  • There are two sides to the battery. If one battery BMS fails, the other will still keep working. If we understand correctly, this system also talks to each other and motherboard. If that is the case, the second BMS board may continue to monitor the pack of damaged board. This is not 100% clear to us, so we will need to check out the reveal for conformation.

If you want to see more, check out Inmotion video:


  • Modular design with IPX5 waterproofing
  • Motorcycle grade waterproofing connectors are integrated within PCB
  • 18 capactiors reduce impact stress and extend the life of the battery pack, and less heat18 capacitors inmotion v13 wheel
  • 42 smd MOSFETS are on the controller board. This makes the EUC have a higher safety margin when it comes to high current peaks when putting stress on the wheel while accelerating and decelerating
  • Controller has 2 independent fans and a large aluminum heat-sink to ensure operating temperature is always normalchallenger v13 inmotion electric unicycles

If you want to check out yourself Inmotion V13 controller video, click here:

Our comment on Challenger before the Reveal EVENT

We are excited to see how much effort was put to safety in these videos. The production process becomes more complicated, but the end product will hopefully be the safest and most powerful electric unicycle ever produced. If Inmotion pulls this off, it will be a new standard in electric unicycle making! The electric unicycle community needs a WIN right now! We have all tested many wheels and many manufacturers did not take the safety as a priority. We want Inmotion to be the best, we want you to motivate other manufacturers to UP-THEIR-PRODUCTION process! If this electric unicycle succeeds, others will need to follow to ensure their position in EUC world.

If you consider buying Challenger, we are sure that our partner E-RIDES that has England and EU warehouse will have something for you very soon. Check E-rides here!

If you want to become an INMOTION Challenger tester, you can apply here!

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