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Concept Z – The Electric Street Tracker Designed to Accelerate

The Vision at Ed Motorcycles

– An Electric street tracker with the Acceleration of a one liter sports bike,  the look and style of the flat tracker racer and the usability of a moped scooter.

The Acceleration

– The Concept Z is powered by an air cooled axial flux motor producing 52kw and driving a single gear chain and sprocket reduction. With the ratio calculated to provide the highest possible torque to the rear wheel throughout the 0-100km/h sprint, the result is 1000cc sports bike acceleration.

The Design

– A Co-axial design is incorporated into the bikes drive train with the motor driveshaft and swing arm pivot sharing a common axis. This setup eliminates chain deviation through suspension travel (No Chain slap here!) .

– A fully stressed aircraft grade alloy body box forms an active structural element of the bike (Think Ducati frame and motor) and also increases the cooling capacity of the controller heat sink which is mounted directly on top.

– The frame is of lightweight 4130 Chromoly construction with CNC machined mounts and pickup points.

– Battery is positioned low and forward for optimal weight distribution and a low centre of gravity. The battery mounting style accommodates changes in battery size and shape so future advancements in battery technology can be implemented as a simple bolt in upgrade. Current battery options are up to 7kw/h in capacity giving a range of 150kms in the city or 100kms on highway.

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