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OVAOBIKE will shock EICMA 2021 electric motorcycle show visitors!

ovaobike MCR-H, MCR-M, and MCR-S are electric motorcycles many have seen on EICMA 2019. Since then, these incredible-looking electric motorcycles have been updated with new features and got to a point where you can go to a store and buy them! The dealerships across EU are ready and waiting for bikes to arrive as we write this. EvNerds had an exclusive review of these bikes here in Croatia.

Ovao bike and EvNerds
EvNerds testing ovaobike MCR-H on the track / Picture copyright: EvNerds 2021.

Information covered in this article:

  1. ovaobike Development History
  2. ovaobike MCR lineup
  3. ovaobike Quality
  4. What is ovaobike packing for EICMA this year?
  5. Review, No Review, What Review?

ovaobike Development History

ovaobike electric motorcycles ( MCR-M, MCR-H, MCR-S) were 3 years in development, redesigning, and for the last year in rigorous road testing under all kinds of conditions and weather in Taiwan.

ovaobike MCR-M in Croatia. Picture Copyright: EvNerds 2021.

OTTO BIKE group worked a lot this year setting up the electric motorcycle production in Vietnam and Taiwan while getting the EU homologation for the bikes.

Picture Copyright: EvNerds 2021.

Everybody who visited the OTTO BIKE group on EICMA in 2019. could see that these e-motorcycles were something else. The quality and craftsmanship of MCR-M, MCR-S, and MCR-H were something else. You would expect that from a show-bike, right? Well, we just got proof that the production quality is on the same level ( more about that later in Review).

ovaobike MCR lineup

OVAOBIKE has 3 models in production with speeds from 105 Km/h to 148 Km/h. Hub motor based electric motorcycle is called MCR-H. MCR-M is a mid-motor based e-motorcycle, and a MCR-S is a mid-motor single seat electric motorcycle that has the highest power among all the models.

MCR-H and MCR-M in Croatia. Picture copyright: 2021. EvNerds

Mid motor based models feature liquid cooling system to cool all the main components ( motor, battery controller ). More on this picture:

ovaobike Quality

One of the reasons why the ovaobike frames and engineering screams QUALITY is because of their partner company VPIC.

MCR-M details. Picture Copyright: EvNerds 2021.

VPIC makes parts for Ducati, Harley Davidson, etc. Maybe the quality has something to do with more than 35 engineers working on these bikes full time for the last 3 years? Maybe we just proved our point as we do not often see a new electric motorcycle company that spends this much time perfecting the original creation, and we value that formula: QUALITY over QUANTITY that leads to PERFECTION! Only after perfecting the bike’s batteries, BMS, controller communication, brakes, geometry; the bikes are ready for the market.

Test rider Maki! Picture copyright: 2021. EvNerds

After riding these bad boys EvNerds is 100% sure that Ovaobike is going to be a Superbrand among electric motorcycles.

What is ovaobike packing for EICMA this year?

Now that ovaobike is in production and road-ready with MCR-M, MCR-H, MCR-S, you gotta ask yourself one question: What are they going to show on EICMA 2021.?

If we had a glance at what ovaobike is packing for the European biggest motorcycle fair, we would rush over to EICMA. If we thought that the game is about to change and that many will be shocked, we would not finish the review of these bikes, or this article… ……..

These are pictures ovaobike posted on their facebook page…

ovaobike Review, No Review, What Review?

These bikes deserve a perfect review, and EvNerds did not write one. We have a lot to say, and we did all the testing; but we have a plane to catch, and we will leave this text unfinished with a promise to post all the review details next week. Please check out the new ovaobike website with all information there!

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