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Urban Machina

Today’s public transportation systems are better than ever. Urbanites are now going farther with ease, for both work, leisure and exploration. At Urban Machina, we believe that this experience can be further improved with with sustainability, efficiency and fun. Any commute under 10 km does not need not be driven in a gas consuming vehicle. With personal electric transportation options that range between 20 km to 30 km on a single charge, you can still get to where you need to be, avoid traffic congestion and stay friendly to the environment.

Sustainability on Campus at the University of British Columbia

At Urban Machina, you’re no longer just a commuter. You’re an urban rider. We make personal transportation fun, easy and efficient. Let’s work together to make your commute on campus the best moment of your day. Go personal. Go electric.

Tesla and XCAPE foldable scooter at ElectraFest 2017

Tesla got it right! The XCAPE fast folding electric scooter, pictured next to the vehicle that changed it all.

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Sustainability day at Electronic Arts Canada

Spreading the good word on the advantages of commuting by foldable electric vehicles at Electronic Arts Canada.

Group ride in Vancouver, British Columbia

We took our Urban Riders on a group ride along the seawall in Vancouver for a picnic!

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Ebike scene in Philly

Rovilus – electric go kart