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Electric Scooters modular design by Electric Dutchman

Electric scooters by Electric Dutchman

Dutch made 2018. electric scooters got our attention two days ago when our partner Electric Motorcycles News posted this photo on their Facebook page!

These electric scooters look fresh, modular, comfortable with a very cool frame design decorated with details made out of leather, wood, and stickers.

Electric Dutchman. #silhouette #keyring #laser #production #pattern #plastic

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Definitely an original design that follows simplistic frame shape with two shocks on the rear swingarm and hydraulic front fork.

Technical specifications are on the spot with the design. There are two versions:


electric scooterElectric Dutchman ONE is ideal for normal use. Standard equipped with a 1500W motor and 1 Battery pack. Instead of the possibility for a second Battery pack, you have storage space under the saddle for rain clothing for example. An all-rounder. Speed: 45 km/helectric scooterdutch electric scooter

PRO-SERIESelectric scooter

Electric Dutchman PRO is a real workhorse, suitable for longer distances because you have the possibility to place an extra Energy pack. Equipped with the 2000W motor with extra high torque so you can take heavier loads. In addition, the PRO is equipped with a connector at the engine so that the rear wheel can be replaced quickly and easily. Ideal for the max mileage.

Speed: 45 km/h

Range: 150 Km with 2 battery packs


Modular Electric Scooters with a lot of space for branding your business

These scooters are modular and offer many possible customization’s for different business or travel purposes!

modular design electric scooter
Modular DESIGN

Lots of space for advertisements and branding

We are so happy that frame and assembling is made in their Dutch headquarters, and not just imported from China and rebranded.

Take a look at the manufacturing process:

Rearframe. #prototype #engineering #welding #steel #construction

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Buddyseat. #prototype #wood #construction #buddyseat #parts

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The first one. #prototype #engineering #electric #scooter

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Be sure to check out Electric Dutchman scooters on web and Instagram for more information!

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