Honda CA-95 Slick Electric Motorcycle conversion

This is a slick Honda CA-95 Electric motorcycle conversion from Youtube channel called MIKE E-MOTORS

Original HONDA CA95 (Made 1964.)

This is a pretty interesting find. The primary drive of Original Honda C95 had multi-plate clutch running in oil which lubricated both the engine and the four-speed gearbox, and a fully enclosed chain final drive.This is where it gets interesting. Most motorcycle vintage conversions from gas to electric powered are easy to spot because you can clearly see that motorcycle does not have chain if they run Hub motor on the rear wheel. But in this ideal situation, the original motor had enclosed chain so the conversion visually keeps things close to Original restoration. But, the owner decided to go a little bit more fancy than that. He choose to paint the bike in SILVER-BLACK combination and to add some tires that are not Whitewall tires. It looks awesome


I took a 1964 Honda CA95 frame and put QS 8000w electric hub motor on it with a 72v 60ah lithium battery pack made from 18650 cells. Here my buddy goes for a test ride on street, in park (almost hitting geese) and back home -MIKE E MOTORS

Check out Mike on Youtube. Mike is passionate about electric vehicles and has a new Sur Ron light bee in his garage!

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