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Electric Cafe Racer Concept and the Philosophy behind it

Written by designer Amir Karami for EvNerds

Unlike the car industry where the companies are trying to become “smart”, the motorbike industry has not changed a great deal so far. However, the smart riding era is on its way and we will see more intelligent motorbikes within the next 10 years. There have been concept motorbikes from BMW, Kawasaki, Honda, and others, and that is how this project started. In all concept motorbikes mentioned, one way or another, the control is being taken away from the rider which is not something an enthusiast rider wants.On the other hand, we are going towards electric powered vehicles and that is something that many bikers are open to, purely because the thrill of riding an electric motorbike can be much greater due to the performance available and riding a motorbike is all about being in control and the thrill.

Cafe racer for the intelligent riding era Electric-Caferacer-014

Concept Hera is a Cafe Racer for the intelligent riding era. It combines the old ways of owning and riding a motorcycle with modern technology. The aim of the technology is to enhance the riding experience and not take control off the rider. Ultimately it is the freedom, risk and the thrill that many riders are drawn to, and in this day and age, it is important for some of us to feel the adrenaline rush in our body. Also, it is great to look into the past and experience how it felt riding a Cafe Racer between the cafes in the 60s and 70s and get involved in the rich culture and the community of bikers.

At the same time, the Virtual reality is used to improve on those experiences for the first generation of intelligent motorbikes. It helps declutter our already very busy city roads and reduces distraction resulting in a calmer riding experience. There are a lot of moving object (distraction) on city roads, and most don’t even affect the rider, however, they overshadow the real dangers. So by taking out all the “white noise” out of the riders vision, the people and the cars moving towards the rider will be easier to see. The possibilities with VR technology could be endless eg, change the surrounding and turn a dark and cloudy day on a nice sunny day.


A distinct mindset is required for a rider who use their motorbike on a daily basis, pleasure, or busy city commutes. A busy city ride requires great visibility, ease of maneuverability and more focus, whereas weekend countryside rides are to fully unwind, get close to the bike, lean into the corners and get in the spirit. The two very different seating positions help the riders to get into the right mindset.

Visually, Concept Hera relates back to early Honda motorcycles and specificity, Honda cb750 Racing where simplicity rules and long and low proportionate are a common feature. The design is influenced by Cafe Racers and designed to be seen as a modern custom Cafe Racer, not a mass manufactured motorbike. Concept Hera Carries many of the character and qualities as original Cafe Racers, designed for a new era, but still fits in with them.

Honda heritage


Honda was one of the best and most popular bikes for Cafe Racers. the reliable engine, great chassis and frame, and lightweight design made them a popular choice among enthusiasts. It is now the perfect time for Honda to bring out a forward-looking Cafe Racer and once again, lead the way in the Cafe Racer industry.

Future cafe racer headlights, smoothly incorporated into the body, to give a more fluid and streamlined front end. Also slightly pushed down and out of the riders vision, to create a more immersive experience by feeling closer to the road. Finally, the yellow headlights cover brings back an old school styling which was a common feature.

Electric-Cafe racer

keeping in line with Cafe Racer design language, the empty space under the seat is to give the bike a much visually lighter body form which is one of the key elements of these bikes.

Electric-Cafe racer
The batteries are placed as low as possible and towards the middle for better weight distribution and they are placed in a wide compartment, clearly showing where the power of this motorbike comes from.

Electric-Cafe racer

Thank you Amir Karami for sending and explaining your concept and vision of future electric cafe racers here on EvNerds.

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