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Curtiss Hercules Electric Motorcycle

Electric Rebirth of Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

Electric Rebirth of Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

Yesterday we received an email from Jordan Cronille, the leading designer in Curtiss motorcycles. The news is about their new brand name and an electric motorcycle that is coming out on 5.5.2018.


Birmingham, Ala. – In 1903, Glenn H. Curtiss invented the venerable American v-twin motorcycle engine. Confederate Motors, Inc. invested 20-plus years perfecting his invention. Four generations of patented architecture were created.

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Seven years ago, in our twentieth year, we began to research and development of our fifth generation architecture. We knew we were at a turning point; we had maxed out Glenn’s invention. It was time to apply our years of design experience and earned wisdom with the best innovation and technology, just like Mr. Curtiss would do, were he leading us today. We branded the project, Curtiss. Over these past seven years, the view from standing on the shoulders of this giant shifted our business model and strategy on its axis. Curtiss illuminated, informed, and clarified a new mission; sustainable, scalable, ageless, timeless, fun motorcycle relevance.

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Curtiss will deploy a modular architectural system, the design upon which numerous patents have been filed, as the optimal foundation for an all-new Twin-Engine powertrain supplied by the new world-leader in motorcycle torque production, Zero.

The all-new powertrain packages in a classical proportion, lower, narrower, and with superior weight management than any other. The geometry and ergonomics are classic as well, empowering the rider with effortless control, speed, handling, and comfort. Curtiss suspension is all-new and state-of-the-art. A breakthrough in transparency, accuracy, and quality of information between the tarmac and the Curtiss rider is promised. Whole new levels of safety have been designed into Curtiss, which has the goal of being the world leader in this key aspect.

A full range of machines to fit every pocketbook is in development, with the unveiling of the first model, the all-new Hercules, scheduled for May 5, 2018.
Curtiss will be cool and sophisticated urban mobility.
It is with the utmost confidence that we announce our name change, effective January 8, 2018, from Confederate Motors, Inc., into Curtiss Motorcycle Co., Inc.
The first all-new Curtiss motorcycles in over 106 years are coming soon.
Curtiss; Never Look Back! – Curtiss motorcycles (ex Confederate)

Lucky guess

There are some sketches from fans around the world who are anticipating and guessing how this new Curtiss electric motorcycle would look like. This are some examples:

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Jordan Cornille from Confederate motorcycles

Knowing that Jordan Cornille worked as a designer on Confederate machines, it’s not wondering we are expecting magic to happen in new Curtiss garage. The work on FA-13 Combat Bomber is sick

Other Jordan Cornille previous projects and concepts show his true nature that is more electric than gas oriented in our opinion, where the shapes are less aggressive and more profound. But we still cant imagine the new Curtiss electric motorcycle, and we will just need to wait for it!

Previous Jordan Cornille concept work:

jordan cornille

curtiss hercules

More on Jordans work here

New curtiss motorcycles website here

What do you think?


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