New King Song S18 Full Suspension Electric Unicycle

King Song S18 EUC

Only 2 days ago there was a presentation of new full suspension electric unicycle INMOTION V11. EUC company presented AIR SUSPENSION with 7 cm of travel. We have to test it, but we said before the Inmotion V11 presentation that we would like to see a linkage suspension. Today KS presented just a teaser of their first electric unicycle S18 with suspension system. We are pretty sure that this is not the same AIR-SPRING system used on Inmotion V11.

KS S18 SUSPENSION SYSTEM. As you can see on the picture there is a DNM burner shock probably 175 mm long. Based on linkage this progressive suspansion could give up to 10 cm of travel – not confirmed

We are very grateful for that and very happy that we will have two different suspension system on the market. There is no doubt that EUC riders are going to ride them together with us and see what system is better. The good thing about KS 18 is that the suspension is adjustable!

KS S18

KING SONG S18 Electric unicycle


“Introducing the King Song S18, a wheel like never before. Move in ultimate Style and Comfort featuring an on board Adjustable Suspension System”

King Song did not make a full unveil, they just posted this video.

UPDATE 8.04.2020. – We have full information now



KS S18 Electric Unicycle Technical Specifications

New King Song 18 inch wheel will have 110 Km range with a 1110 Wh battery and 50 Km/h speed. The max load is 120 Kg!. The MAX PEAK POWER of the motor IS 5kW – freaking awesome! Plus the hub motor used here has 140 Nm of torque ! The acceleration with 5 Kw peak power and TO-247 Mosfets will be incredible! Climbing ability is 35 degrees. Lights have 2 low beams and 2 high beams – a total of 4 headlights ( 2 x stronger than 16X) with light sensors!

Model  KS-S18  

Top Speed  Full speed unlocked after 10km. Max speed of 50km/h (Factory alarm settings: Level 1– 18km sound alarm Level 2– 19km sound alarm Level 3– Sound alarm with tiltback)  

Mileage  1110Wh (around 100km)  

Maximum Gradibility  Around 40°  

Battery  Rated Power: DC 74V

Top Charging Voltage: DC 84V

Rated Capacity:1110Wh

Smart BMS with balance and protect overshoot/ over discharge/ overcurrent/ short circuit/ overheating function, support monitoring the battery conditions via KingSong APP  

Operating Temperature   -10℃/+60℃  

Max Load  120kg  

Charger Voltage  Input AC 80~240 V ,output DC 84V、2.5A   

Charging Time  1110Wh: about 6h 2.5A  

Rated Power  2200w  

Max Power  5000w  

Color   White & black  


” Using a variable lever the wheel has dampening travel distance of 100mm which is transferred to the rear spring suspension with a travel distance of 57mm.” – THIS IS IMPORTANT

Since King Song is using regular standard mountings for 100MM DNM SHOCK with 67mm travel, probably some modifications and different shocks could be used in the future!

Package Size(mm) /
Suspension Specification 200-57 Air suspension
Suspension Distance Using a variable lever the wheel has dampening travel distance of 100mm which is transferred to the rear spring suspension with a travel distance of 57mm.
Pedal Altitude (from ground) 210-110mm
Tire Size 18inch Diameter 3.0″inch
Weight 1110wh around 22kg
EUC Port Charging port; Switch port; Light sensor port; USB discharge port
Light UP Displays Rear light housing displays battery level, braking and turning signals all in one unit

It is important to say that Motherboard is designed with a 4 layer structure, allowing for better stability performance. 12 large individual TO-247 imported MOSFETS support the 2200W motor power. MOSFETS are attached to the aluminum body frame of the wheel for better heat dissipation.


We do not know the price yet and how will KS S18 compete with Inmotion V11 in this case. What we do know is that both of these companies made new and incredible wheels and we should all be happy about it. 2020. is going to be AWESOME!!!! We can do the COVID-19 isolation from people for another year with both of these wheels.


Oh and if you want to PRE-ORDER you can do it here in European webshop at MYEWHEEL

If you would like to know more about KS S18, check out King Song on Instagram, Facebook, and official website


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