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Electric Skateboards by Long Haired Boy company

electric skateboards made by Damon Wood

Electric Skateboards by Long Haired Boy company

electric skate

Here is an Electric Skateboard company you dont see every day. Its from a dude on Florida. He uses only Diy community premium parts and builds decks himself

In his own words:

electric skateboard deck

Every single board is hand crafted starting with my Scarlet decks. I press them myself in a press that I built using a wooden mold I designed and had made specifically for this. My decks are 9 ply hard rock maple and are glued by hand, pressed in a hand built press, cut out and shaped by hand, and stained by hand. Except for the wire channels, i have a robot for that. Eventually after i get enough business these decks will all be robot crafted so i can sip cocktails and make battery packs. But not at the same time, that would be bad. I also fab my own electronics boxes and build my own battery packs to order.


electric skateboard

Using only premium components means you can trust the hardware to haul your ass at whatever ridiculous speed you are comfortable with. It also means you can worry less about things flying apart or catching fire or anything stupid like that when you do. These boards are packed with juice and you should easily see 20 miles in a single charge while derping around at 15-18mph. But remember, hauling ass at ridiculous speeds will reduce your over all range, but at these watt hours its still going to see more miles than most commercial options. You might be able to do 27-30mph on your board but you’re going to cut your range down a bit by doing so.

He offers DIY kits and Completes

We especially like this electric skateboard that he built in Sporty red and black combination

Wire window design is pretty cool


Custom Controller for Enertion 6354 motors

Works sensorless and sensored ofcourse

4 motors are mounted on this Board simmiliar to our beloved red and black one

Finished product

Ride Videos of Damon Wood electric skateboards


Wish to get some of his Electric Skateboards, check his site that has all options here

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