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New Sentimental bikes electric motorcycle and ebike

Croatian custom builders of bikes, ebikes and electric motorcycles inspired by Vintage Caffe racers and everything from the golden era of motorcycling revealed today their new Electric motorcycle called “Experimental”. We will tell you more about this nice piece of engineering in few days when we finish the Interview with creator and designer Duško Ilijević.

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For now, take a look at their new “EXPERIMENTAL” electric motorcycle and ebike photos

We visited SentiMental Bikes at Croatian Auto Show today! We took some photos of this crazy cool vintage, cruiser, cafe…

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++++ COUNTDOWN ++++Public reveal of our first limited edition commuter bike is just days away! Do not miss to see it for yourself ;)10.4.2018.19:00Zagreb Auto ShowPavillion 5 (first floor)Booth 1a

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Electric motorcycle by Sentimental Bikes

Sentimental Bikes fast forward to electric motorcycle scene!#ELECTRICMOTORCYCLE #EMOTO #ELECTRICBIKE #CAFFERACER #OLDSCHOOL

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Duško Ilijević

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Objavljuje EvNerds10. travnja 2018


Custom Electric bike

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If you wish to contact Sentimental bikes, you can do it here on fb


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