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Overengineered ESTOK eBike with custom electric motor drive

Fantastic Ebike by Nikolay Medvedev

Estok eBike

Estok Ebike is built by Nikolay Medvedev, a guy known to our readers for making cool over-engineered electric pieces of Art that look and perform perfectly. You can see Nikolay Medvedev previous ebike here

Estok Ebike is an Overkill in so many ways

The speed is 113 km/h with 10 kW engine, it accelerates from 0-80 km/h in 3 sec and the tourq on the motor shaft is 80 Nm. Battery is 2,7 km/h ( with 45 km/h speed you should have 140km/h range with this battery)

Custom mid-drive 10 kW motor with gearbox

The Jig

Rear Swingarm with beefy motorcycle dropouts

Hydraulic disc brake with radial 4-piston caliper

Swingarm and mid-drive motor assembly

The frame in all its glory

2.7 kWh battery pack assembly

Color Design ideas for frame

This is what the finished Ebike will look like

electric bike

And if you are thinking: “Oh well, these are just rendered” ….well they arent; parts are already popping out. We will continue to follow and update this ebike article !

Welding stand #cnc#thsup #thsuptech #solidworks #aluminum #workshop #electric #ebike #welding #stand #electricbike #frame

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